Pledge wall key messages

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UNCTAD’s pledge campaign for #ProsperityForAll has four key messages that will permeate the discussions and debates at UNCTAD15. These messages have informed four campaign “pledges”, which can be changed or personalized during the pledge process. Each key message is mapped out below. Explore the messages to gain a better understanding of why your pledge matters and how it contributes to the objectives of UNCTAD15.

Building resilience

Pledge: “I stand for building resilience: Let’s build the resilience of poor countries by meeting their trade, finance, investment and technology needs to ensure #ProsperityForAll.”

Key message: Many poor nations don’t have the financial, technical, policy and political resources to build resilience, especially to external shocks. COVID-19 exposed this situation in an unprecedented way, but UNCTAD has long called for greater support to developing nations, especially least developed countries and small island developing states.  

Certain shocks are likely to become more frequent as the climate changes and markets become more uncertain, and thus the need to build resilience through better infrastructure, policies, processes and fiscal tools.

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Building a more equal world

Pledge: “I stand for a more equal world: Inequality is all around us and it’s amplified by #COVID19. Let’s rebuild a more equal world to ensure #ProsperityForAll.”

Key message: The COVID-19 recovery is going to be complex and local, regional and global in nature. It is also an opportunity to recalibrate and change human activity in favour of people, the planet and shared prosperity.

But building a more equal world requires a clear vision. UNCTAD has mapped out strategic actions that can be taken to help improve trade, finance, investment and technology for the benefit of all.

The post-pandemic recovery is a moment for all to work together to implement already well-known policy pathways to prosperity for all that centre on, among others, more effective taxation, greater distribution of wealth, and stronger social safety nets. Greater equality is possible and necessary.

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Reducing vulnerability

Pledge: “I stand for reducing vulnerability: #COVID19 has hit the most vulnerable countries and people the hardest. Let’s reduce vulnerability and ensure #ProsperityForAll.”

Key message: The most vulnerable among us were at risk even before COVID-19 hit. Today they are in a more precarious position than ever. Yet we can mitigate shocks and offset the risks that make some nations extremely vulnerable.

This requires global and multilateral consensus and instruments. It also requires action to build resilience, minimize dependencies while at the same time offer fiscal space. Recovery policies can be developed to address vulnerability and reduce inequality through fiscal, environmental and social reforms. 

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Transforming trade

Pledge: “I call for efforts to transform trade: Let’s transform trade to chart a better recovery from #COVID19 and achieve #ProsperityForAll.”

Key message: Trade makes the world go around. COVID-19 has revealed the fragility of global supply chains and how interdependent we all are. It has also underscored the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in these chains and the importance of supply chain security, just-in-time production and localization of production.

We have been given pause to consider how we can transform trade in a way that is more sustainable, local, inclusive and equitable. 

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