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UNCTAD15 will yield a new, updated mandate for UNCTAD, at a time when all people and global leadership faces one of the biggest challenges of the post second world war time: recovery from the global coronavirus pandemic. Decisions emerging from UNCTAD’s 15th quadrennial conference will shape how developing countries respond to the COVID-19 crisis and move ahead to manage the socio-economic impacts.

Our media centre features the latest breaking news, announcements, information, press releases, reports, commentary, and decisions emerging from the conference. This includes information about a series of pre-events and forums due to take place in the months ahead of the main conference event, which will happen virtually between Bridgetown, Barbados and Geneva, from 3 to 7 October 2021.

UNCTAD’s communications team stands ready to support with interview requests, facilitating Q&As, and in the general dissemination of information on the issues the conference will tackle, namely, how to address systemic inequality and growing vulnerability as we try to forge a pathway to prosperity for all, especially for poorer nations and people.

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Media Center

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7 Oct 2021 - UNCTAD15 closing press conference
Geneva, Switzerland
5 Oct 2021 - Zoom link for UNCTAD15 press events
Geneva, Switzerland
4 Oct 2021 - Zoom link for UNCTAD15 press events
Geneva, Switzerland
4 Oct 2021 - UNCTAD15 Press Events
Geneva, Switzerland

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